Young fashion designer, Michelle Ooi speaks of her fashion line and tells us her story.

Michelle started off equipped with nothing more than her passion for fashion and style. Taking cue from British entrepreneur and business magnate, Sir Richard Branson, she described her initial efforts as just a simple move to get off her ass and start living her dream.

“Whenever someone asks me how I started off, I always remember the words of Richard Branson. Quoting him, the phrase ‘Screw it, Just do it’ pretty much sums up how I was motivated to begin my adventure in the fashion industry in the first place.”

She started by introducing The Kins Collection – clothes purchased and sold as a collection in her style, and later expanded her line to include The Michelle Ooi Collection – clothes that she herself, designs.

As much as it was a worry for her initially about building up the brand name and business, this intrepid designer says that with hard work, anything is possible.

“My advice? You have to be prepared to work really hard if you really want it. If you are indeed serious in carving a niche for yourself in this industry, you just can’t sit there wishing and not take action.”

The Michelle Ooi Collection has already released its Spring/Summer and Pre-Fall collection since it began last year and Michelle is in the midst of releasing her Cruise collection for the brand.

Speaking on her style and design, she explains, “The previous Spring/Summer collection highlighted fun colours and dramatic shapes. The pieces speak of a sexy but fun feel. The Pre-Fall dresses however, are more elegant but still adhere to a similar style.”

Despite already been named as the Cleo Stylista for 2010 which recognizes her sartorial flair and imminent rise in the industry, she says that she has yet to achieve her long term goals. As much as her short term goal of creating her own fashion line is now a tangible success, her dream of owning a boutique in her name to sell her fabulous designs has yet to come true.

“My plan of having an outlet of my own to sell the pieces of my collection is still far off. I think I need to get more retail experience first before I embark on that part of my journey. Ultimately though, I would want to start a small boutique that doubles as an intimate café as well,” she quips.

Visit her site, for more information and a closer look into her life.