A Cold Start for the Summer Season

A Cold Start for the Summer Season

OK….we want a brand new identify.



Whatever the identify, the final week has been primarily cloudy and properly under regular in our space.

According the utmost temperature anomaly map (distinction from regular ) for Washington for the primary seven days of July, the excessive temperatures in most of western Washington have been 6-12F under regular.    Even japanese WA has been usually cool.

At SeaTac Airport, not a single day had the excessive temperature reached the conventional values (low to mid-70s)–see under.
A Cold Start for the Summer Season
Sunshine?     Much lower than regular!  To illustrate, right here is the photo voltaic radiation noticed on the WSU AgWeather web site in Seattle. We needs to be hitting a peak of about 950 this time of the 12 months, however many days have been warmed by half or much less (like yesterday and June 27th).   Just miserable.

1594270552 746 A Cold Start for the Summer Season
Normally, our area dries out quickly after July 4th, with a lot of solar every day.  Not this 12 months.  Tomorrow?  Don’t get your hopes up.  Another moist climate system is now approaching and the most recent forecast of 24-h precipitation ending 5 PM tomorrow (Thursday) has wetting from the WA coast, NW Washington, and southern BC.  Not many wildfires this 12 months thus far.

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1594270553 970 A Cold Start for the Summer Season
And do I dare present you the National Weather Service OFFICIAL 6-10 day temperature forecast?
Are you robust? Here it’s…blue (cooler than regular) over our a part of the U.S.

1594270553 676 A Cold Start for the Summer Season
Can we rely on the BLOB, that space of heat water off our coast to offer a heat solace?  Unfortunately not….the temperatures are close to regular off our coast, with some areas even under regular.
1594270554 118 A Cold Start for the Summer Season

What is the reason for this cool, cloudy affliction?   We have been caught in a sample with greater than regular strain offshore, however decrease than regular strain over the Northwest, leading to enhanced onshore move of cool, cloudy marine air.   The strain anomaly for June 25-July 1 under illustrates the issue (purple is under regular strain, purple is above regular).

1594270554 641 A Cold Start for the Summer Season
I discover that there’s a film about our state of affairs (see under).  With a man with a gun, this doesn’t sound like it’s one thing that has a cheerful ending.

A Cold Start for the Summer Season


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