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Adam Carolla on AOC: She’s ‘Insane, Maniacal’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have a “Get Out of Comedy Jail” card in her purse or pocket.

She doesn’t want one.

The far-left congresswoman can do, or say, just about something with little concern of comedian reprisal. Instead, fashionable comics both ignore her gargantuan gaffes or fawn over her social media prowess.

Right on cue, comedians gave the freshman consultant a cross after she uncorked this clarification for the crush of violence engulfing the Big Apple.

“So why is that this uptick in crime occurring?” Ocasio-Cortez requested. “Well, let’s give it some thought. Do we predict this has to do with the actual fact there’s document unemployment within the United States proper now? The incontrovertible fact that individuals are at a stage of financial desperation that we have now not seen because the Great Recession. Maybe this has to do with the truth that folks aren’t paying their lease and are scared to pay their lease, and they also exit and they should feed their baby and so they don’t have cash so that you perhaps should, they’re put ready the place they really feel like they both must shoplift some bread [emphasis added] or go hungry that night time.”

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“Maybe it’s the truth that unemployment provisions haven’t been given to [everyone],” Ocasio-Cortez claimed. “May it’s as a result of the truth that folks, some folks nonetheless haven’t gotten their stimulus checks but.”

Adam Carolla doesn’t observe the progressive comedy playbook. The comedian excoriated Ocasio-Cortez on the newest episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast. A present caller requested Carolla and co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky what’s going to occur following the wave of violent protests engulfing a number of main cities.

“AOC would say, ‘that’s a query from privilege,’” Dr. Pinsky cracked earlier than Carolla seized on Ocasio-Cortez’s doubtful clarification for the crime wave.

“She appears insane to me, or maniacal, there’s one thing incorrect along with her. She doesn’t join issues,” Carolla mentioned after referencing her try to attach rising gun violence to a scarcity of carbs.

“Hey, what ‘s occurred to all of the bakery vans?” Carolla requested. “I used to be down at Nabisco, and I used to be happening by way of the Keebler manufacturing facility there, was that coated within the information, the stealing of carbohydrates?”

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Carolla’s widespread sense resolution is one saved out of attain by as we speak’s Democratic politicians and media shops.

“The solely factor that works is legislation and order, and sadly, re-imagining issues doesn’t work, in any other case we might have figured it out over the hundreds of years,” Carolla mentioned, referencing discuss of “re-imagining” fashionable legislation enforcement if not downright stripping departments of their funding.

The podcaster and documentary filmmaker predicted a darkish future for cities teeming with protesters and chaos.

“A bigger group will transfer out of mismanaged cities and off to locations the place they merely have freedom and security and might afford it,” he mentioned. “Who’s gonna be left behind? ‘Escape from New York.’”

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“It’s gonna be a f***ing hellscape of people that can’t afford to get out. It’ll be like Katrina. Everyone with a working automotive and a few cash of their pocket is gonna cut up, and everybody else is simply gonna hang around and the tide’s simply gonna drown ’em.”

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Dr. Pinsky chimed in on the opposite facet of the problem — politicians who imagine the established order is sustainable.

“What are the federal government officers considering? Where do they assume the cash comes from for the federal government their working?” Dr. Pinsky requested. “In California, they preserve shutting issues down … their tax income is nil. How do they assume this works? What are they considering? I can’t determine it out.”

Carolla advised they’re not considering in any respect.

“When you’re sitting in air-con and searching the window, and individuals are toiling within the solar and mopping their forehead … they go, ‘huh, somebody ought to do one thing about that.’ As lengthy as its 71 [degrees] the place you’re standing it’s identical to, ‘It’s 71 man, I’m nice.’” Carolla mentioned.

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