Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest

Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest

There are many fantastic imports we take pleasure in from the Hawaiian Islands, from Kona espresso and macadamia nuts, to music and fantastic meals.   

But throughout the subsequent fews days, we’ll benefit from the imports in a extra visceral, direct sense, as moisture streams to us from southwest.

The satellite tv for pc moisture imagery this afternoon reveals the a plume of enhanced water vapor (lighter shades) direct from the large island to the Northwest.

And as this moisture strikes into us, it is going to be lifted by two mechanisms that can convert the water vapor into precipitation.    

The first is clear: our substantial terrain, which forces air within the decrease environment to be pushed upwards, cooling because it rises, and thus changing the water vapor into rain and snow (cool air can “maintain” much less water vapor than heat air and thus among the moisture condenses out).   The second supply of upward movement is a potent higher degree disturbance that’s shifting it (see 500 hPa higher degree (about 18,000 ft) map under for tomorrow morning at 7 AM). The low simply offshore is what I’m speaking about.

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1609299214 757 Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest

The precipitation might be bountiful for us.  Here is the forecast for the subsequent 48 h.  Up to about 5 inches within the larger reaches of the Olympics, with almost comparable quantities within the north Cascades and mountains of Vancouver Island.

Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest
And an in depth up view of western Washington for a similar interval actually illustrates the HUGE precipitation contrasts of our area, with roughly 5 inches on the higher, west-facing slopes of the Olympics, however solely a few tenth of an inch round Port Townsend and Sequim.  An element of FIFTY.

1609299215 91 Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest
There is loads extra the place that is coming from, with an energetic interval anticipated over the subsequent week.  In reality, the full precipitation over the subsequent week could attain 10 inches in locations on the higher slopes of a few of our area terrain.
1609299215 36 Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest
Numerous our native rivers will rise to close bank-full (yellow colours, see forecast from the NOAA/NWS River Forecast Center under) over the subsequent few days, however at this level no main flooding is predicted.
1609299216 768 Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest
Snowfall?   There might be loads, notably with a collection of cool/moist programs anticipated to hit us throughout the subsequent week (see under).  At least three toes within the larger terrain of the Cascades and BC Coast Mountains.  Lots of snow over jap WA.
1609299216 139 Aloha Moisture Approaching the Northwest
Just excellent news for water sources.  It is what we rely on for all our water wants within the area.

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