Amazing Supermoon Out Tonight!

Amazing Supermoon Out Tonight!

Whatever you’re doing tonight, take a break and go outdoors and look to the east.

An wonderful supermoon is the the sky:  a HUGE full moon, far brighter and bigger than regular.  I went outdoors and was actually impressed.

Picture by Allan Jones.  The Ferry Kennewick is proven as properly
Supermoons happen when a full moon happens when the moon is far nearer to earth than regular, and the moon tonight is nearer than it will likely be for the remainder of 2020. In truth, the complete moon tonight shall be about 17,000 miles nearer to Earth and roughly 30% brighter than regular.

A virtually clear sky and lack of haze/smoke makes viewing tonight notably good.

But the viewing enjoyable does not finish there.   Venus could be very vibrant and unusually excessive above the western horizon.  And the sundown tonight was spectacular–you can get a style of the view from the Seattle Space Needle PanoCam (beneath).  Stunning.

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Amazing Supermoon Out Tonight


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