Amazon’s Project Kuiper will seek multiple launch providers to carry its satellites to space

Amazon’s Project Kuiper will seek multiple launch providers to carry its satellites to space

Amazon SVP of Devices & Services David Limp joined us at TC Sessions: Space in the present day, and he shared some new particulars in regards to the firm’s Project Kuiper broadband satellite tv for pc constellation. Limp shared extra particulars on the technical design challenges that the Kuiper crew solved with its revolutionary buyer terminal, however he additionally shared extra data on the corporate’s plans round launching its constellation, which is able to quantity 3,236 per the present plan permitted by the FCC.

“We’re launch agnostic” Limp mentioned. “If anyone who has a rocket on the market, give us a name. “One of the explanations we thought the time was proper to do a constellation now’s due to a few of the dynamics taking place within the launch business. Every day, we see a brand new demonstration of reusability, daily we see new demonstrations of breakthroughs in higher engines, whether or not that’s Raptor [SpaceX’s engine] or BE-4 [Blue Origin’s].”

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Part of the FCC’s approval for Amazon’s constellation requires it to ship up round half of its deliberate complete constellation inside the subsequent six years, which is a big quantity and would require an aggressive launch tempo to realize. SpaceX’s Starlink, for context, has launched 16 batches of 60 satellites every for its community, with 14 of these taking place in 2020 alone. In order to realize that tempo, Limp mentioned that whereas he hopes Blue Origin (the Jeff Bezos-owned non-public rocket launch firm) can present a few of its launch capability, they are going to be trying elsewhere for rides to area as nicely.

“When it’s important to put 3,200-plus issues into area, you have to a number of launch capability,” he mentioned. “Our hope is that it’s not only one supplier, that there can be a number of suppliers.”

Depending on the ultimate Project Kuiper satellite tv for pc spec, this could possibly be an enormous alternative for brand spanking new small satellite tv for pc launchers approaching board, together with corporations like Astra, Relativity Space and Virgin Orbit who spoke earlier in the present day on the occasion on the progress their launch corporations are making. It is also a windfall for current suppliers like Rocket Lab — and even probably SpaceX. In response to a separate query, Limp famous that he doesn’t imagine Project Kuiper is in direct competitors with SpaceX’s Starlink, since there’s such a broad addressable market relating to connectivity for unserved and underserved prospects globally.

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Amazon’s Project Kuiper has developed a small, low-cost buyer terminal for its broadband satellite tv for pc community


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