Apple says ‘bye-bye’ to Intel, and more news from Gary Explains

Apple says ‘bye-bye’ to Intel, and more news from Gary Explains

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Apple abandons Intel (and perhaps AMD Radeon): Apple introduced its long-rumored transfer to its personal silicon (utilizing the Arm Instruction Set) and has deserted Intel and x86. Since its processors have built-in GPUs, this might additionally imply the top of its relationship with AMD. (YouTube)

How to make use of a YubiKey Security Key with an iPhone: You can use a YubiKey 5 sequence safety key to safe your on-line accounts on Android and iOS. The YubiKey 5Ci has a Lightning connector and USB-C, so it’s nice to be used with an iPhone, an iPad, or a laptop computer. You also can purchase one proper right here for simply $70. (YouTube)

Dynamic Memory Allocation in C – malloc, free, and buffer overflows:  When writing applications within the C programming language, there are a lot of events when you might want to use dynamic reminiscence allocation to ask the OS for some reminiscence. In C, you do that with malloc() and you come back it with free(). However, C doesn’t verify what you do with the reminiscence, which is why there’s a threat of buffer overflows or buffer overruns. (YouTube)

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Speed Test G battles

Poco F2 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10: Does Xiaomi make flagship killers? Here are two of its contenders, the Poco F2 Pro and the Mi 10. Both sport the Snapdragon 865, however which one is quicker? Let’s discover out.

Huawei P40 (Kirin 990) vs Galaxy S20 Plus (Exynos 990): The battle of the 990s! The Kirin 990 within the Huawei P40 vs the Exynos 990 within the Galaxy S20 Plus. Which one will win?

Huawei P40 (Kirin 990) vs Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Exynos 9810): Not each Android smartphone has a Snapdragon processor. Here are two that don’t: the Huawei P40 with the Kirin 990, and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite with the Exynos 9810. Which one is quicker?

Nerds solely want apply

  • How the 1,000 hottest Chrome extensions have an effect on browser efficiency: CPU consumption, reminiscence consumption, and whether or not the extension makes pages render extra slowly (DebugBear)
  • Why digicam sensor measurement is extra necessary than extra megapixels: Despite what the entrepreneurs say, 16MP DSLR cameras nonetheless look higher than at present’s 108MP smartphones. (Android Authority)
  • Adobe will cease distributing its Flash Player after Dec. 31: Adobe says you need to use HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly. (Adobe)
  • Olympus is getting out of the digicam enterprise: The firm is promoting its manufacturers to JIP (which additionally purchased Sony’s Vaio laptop computer model some time again). (The Verge)
  • How to create a video chat utility utilizing WebRTC: Check out Joshua Phua’s weblog for this easy information.
  • A tiny, static, full-text search engine utilizing Rust and WebAssembly: How to create a tiny, self-contained search index utilizing a Bloom Filter (
  • The Book of Shaders: A delicate step-by-step information via the summary and sophisticated universe of Fragment Shaders
  • Introducing Amazon Honeycode: Build net and cell apps with out writing any code! (Amazon)
  • Teach your self laptop science: You owe it to your self to be taught laptop science.
  • A brand new Google Phone simply hit the FCC: It seems to be just like the Pixel 4a, and it seems to be practically prepared, and it gained’t have radar. (Android Authority)
  • LG Velvet assessment: Nothing too fancy, however a great deal of model factors (Android Authority)
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