Aurora Last Night

Aurora Last Night

Some fortunate of us in our area seen a formidable aurora final evening and maybe a touch of it is likely to be seen tomorrow morning.

Here is an image offered  by Greg Johnson of Skunk Bay Weather of the aurora at 3:39 AM, trying northward from Kitsap in the direction of Whidbey Island:

Greg additionally offered an impressive video of Monday mornings occasion:

This aurora was related to a coronal mass ejection (CME) occasion a number of days in the past, which resulted in a comparatively excessive planetary Okay index (about 5) final evening (see plot under).
Aurora Last Night
The simulated distribution of the aurora offered by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, exhibits the core of the occasion over southern/central Canada.

Aurora Last Night

What about tonight?

It will definitely be clear sufficient, however as proven within the determine above, the Okay-index has dropped significantly.  The newest Space Center forecast is for a decline  of Kp to three tonight…which could not result in a good aurora present.  Might examine their webpage tonight for an replace. 

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Viewing an excellent aurora is a life-changing expertise.

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