Bitcoin Reaches 144 Weeks From All-Time High: Why This Number Matters

Bitcoin Reaches 144 Weeks From All-Time High: Why This Number Matters

At the flip of tonight’s weekly shut, Bitcoin may have reached 144 weeks from the asset’s all-time excessive at $20,000. On this significant date, Bitcoin value is at present buying and selling at roughly 50% from the excessive. But it may very well be the final time the asset is priced any decrease, in accordance with the earlier bull market and this mysterious quantity.

Why is the quantity 144 so particular to monetary markets, and what might this imply for the first-ever cryptocurrency?

Does Time and Date Matter As Much To Financial Markets As Price, Patterns, And More?

According to Wikipedia, math is so highly effective and mystical that there’s “no typically accepted definition for the time period.”

It contains the research of amount, construction, area, and alter – all of which relate to monetary markets in methods not totally understood.

Assets are purchased and offered in numerous portions, market construction takes on completely different shapes, and costs continuously change throughout area and time.

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Geometrical shapes make up pattern traces or chart patterns, whereas algebraic formulation are the bottom of most buying and selling indicators. Each diploma of an angle is damaged down into 60 “minutes” after which additional into 60 “seconds.”

This is exactly the place the idea of time got here from, and why every hour is damaged right down to 60 minutes after which every minute into 60 seconds.

Now right here’s the place the maths begins so as to add up however doesn’t precisely make excellent sense. Ancient Babylonians selected 60 as a result of it has probably the most quantity of divisors. And as a result of the identical quantity is behind each angle, circles are comprised of 360 levels. The Earth’s rotation may be very shut at 365 days a yr.

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We now have a yr matching a circle, minutes, and seconds matching every diploma’s subsections in an angle, however what about hours and squares? This is the place the importance of 144 comes into play.

Gann’s Square of 144 Gold XAUUSD 60-Year Cycle Example | Source: TradingView

Each day is 24 hours, consisting of two 12-hour cycles of day and evening. 12 squared, simply so occurs to equal 144. These numbers magically add up, subtract, multiply, and divide a wide range of methods. For instance, the divisor six of 60 minutes or seconds instances 24 equals 144. Each diploma damaged down into 60 minutes and 60 seconds ends in a sum of 3600 components, which, as we all know, is only one decimal place off from an ideal circle.

The coincidences get much more uncommon, deeper diving into arithmetic. 144 can be a Fibonacci quantity, and simply so occurs to be the 12th quantity within the sequence.

This math lesson demonstrates one thing vital occurring with the quantity 144 because it pertains to change, construction, amount, and area. And because of the manner it pertains to hours, days, minutes, and seconds, there may be additionally one thing linked to time itself.

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Few merchants have acknowledged the importance of those numbers and the way monetary markets react with geometry and time. One such dealer earned himself each legendary standing and was finger-pointed as a hoax. Today, the learnings and instruments left behind by William Delbert Gann might shed some gentle on what to anticipate in Bitcoin within the days forward.

bitcoin btcusd 144 weeks

BTCUSD Weekly 144 Weeks | Source: TradingView

144 Weeks Have Passed Since Bitcoin Set Its All-Time High At $20,000

Looking on the chart above, a number of issues are clear. Bitcoin is buying and selling at roughly 50% the asset’s all-time excessive — one other key mathematical degree we’ll revisit shortly.

It’s additionally been precisely 144 weeks since that prime was put in, and in accordance with Gann, huge issues occur when 144 rolls round.

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Finally, a retest of each $10,000 and downtrend resistance is happening, and the crypto asset is at a major crossroads the place it both proves stock-to-flow fashions to be appropriate, or lengthening cycle theories. How markets react to that conclusion might form the pattern forward.

Gann put monumental weight in numbers, angles, dates, and time. He used astrology to time market tops bottoms. Astrology is the assumption that all the pieces is written within the stars, and that figuring it out is the important thing to divinity or, in Gann’s case, legendary dealer standing.

bitcoin btcusd gann fan

BTCUSD Weekly Gann Fan Example | Source: TradingView

Gann’s instruments — though unorthodox — are nonetheless used right this moment. For instance, the Gann fan pictured above reveals that Bitcoin nearly wholly broke out of fan resistance from all-time excessive, however suffered a pullback. Is a full breakout subsequent at 144 weeks?

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The Gann field is one more software, this time utilizing Fibonacci retracement ranges and time-based fibs to search out main turning factors. Bitcoin is at present retesting the 0.5 Fibonacci – or 50% the asset’s former peak value – on the pivotal second of week 144. The second additionally traces up with the “golden” 0.618 time fib. Note how different time-fibs line up with important turning factors in Bitcoin traits over the previous few years.

1600029561 687 Bitcoin Reaches 144 Weeks From All Time High Why This Number

BTCUSD Weekly Gann Box Example | Source: TradingView

Lastly, the Gann sq. makes use of angles, round fib projection, horizontal and vertical traces to plot potential help and resistance ranges based mostly on time and geometry.

Setting the software throughout each of the final of the 2 bull market peaks, and ending it at 144 weeks, completely aligns each cycles with help, resistance, time, and if historical past repeats — the final time the cryptocurrency ever trades beneath the 0.5 fib degree of $10,000.

1600029561 323 Bitcoin Reaches 144 Weeks From All Time High Why This Number

BTCUSD Weekly Gann Square 2014-2017 & 2018-2020 Comparison Chart Source: TradingView

From there, a brand new uptrend started. It’s now week 144 as soon as once more, and Bitcoin is at its most important second ever. If $10,000 holds for tonight’s shut, the uptrend may very well be right here. However, shedding the extent might sign a significant flip in Bitcoin for a very long time to return.


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