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Crenshaw Destroys Maher: Why Late Night Avoids Conservative Guests

Rep. Dan Crenshaw could have inadvertently killed any probability of him chatting with Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel.

The Texas Republican appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday. The two had a sober dialog about a variety of subjects, together with election tampering and the present pandemic.

Maher bombarded Crenshaw with a sequence of robust, focused queries. Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who misplaced a watch throughout a tour of obligation, didn’t flinch.

Did anybody anticipate in any other case?

Instead, Crenshaw calmly rebuffed Maher’s level, piece by piece. Crenshaw drew upon his personal experiences on the Hill, revealing the gaping flaws in Maher’s logic with good ol’ frequent sense.

It wasn’t fairly. Still, Maher deserves credit score for inviting the consultant on his present within the first place. And that’s what’s most vital concerning the trade. Maher beforehand invited Andrew Breitbart, Buck Sexton, Steve Bannon and Ben Shapiro on his program.

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Yes, “Real Time with Bill Maher” stays hopelessly imbalanced. Maher is a dedicated liberal, and the overwhelming majority of his visitors are, too. But he’s prepared to open the present’s format simply sufficient to permit recent views to be heard.

And that’s what received him into bother.

Here’s betting the bookers behind “The Late Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “The Daily Show” and different late evening talkers caught a snippet of their trade. They all made an identical psychological be aware.

Do NOT underneath any circumstance e book Rep. Crenshaw. Period.

Can you blame them?

They’d relatively invite Democrats on the present for toothless conversations peppered with DNC speaking factors.

YouTube Video

Late evening TV is uniformly progressive and persistently corrupt. Witness a “Daily Show” clip that went viral exhibiting conservatives downplaying the present pandemic earlier this 12 months. That gotcha second uncared for the refrain of left-leaning pundits and media retailers that did the very same factor.

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Now, would any of these exhibits invite Crenshaw on their present, particularly now? Not an opportunity. It’s the identical motive Shapiro received’t be yukking it up with Kimmel any time quickly. Shapiro would rhetorically clear the late evening talker’s clock. Rush Limbaugh would go away Trevor Noah clutching his RBG doll.

What about Dan Bongino? He’d be scores gold for any late evening present, however the model injury could be extreme.

These exhibits would relatively regurgitate their progressive speaking factors and let supine reporters repeat them sans reality checks. They couldn’t let their well-paid hosts get pummeled by higher knowledgeable visitors.

It’s like a boxing supervisor ensuring a fighter will get “tomato can” opponents.

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Crenshaw is a part of a brand new wave of conservatives. They’re extra media savvy than their predecessors, dwell on social media and are keenly conscious of simply how biased popular culture is.

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Of course that features the media.

When “Saturday Night Live’s” Pete Davidson made a weak, incendiary assault on Crenshaw the brand new politician dealt with it like a gentleman. Davidson, in flip, regarded just like the “earlier than” image from a Charles Atlas advert following the incident.

YouTube Video

Even extra vital?

Crenshaw grasps is one thing Breitbart informed us years in the past. It isn’t enjoyable, or simple, however sharp conservatives should enter the lion’s den to debunk progressives on their very own turf.

He did simply that, to Maher’s detriment. Chances are he received’t get the possibility to do it immediately once more.

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