Dry Snow-Eater Winds over Puget Sound

Dry Snow-Eater Winds over Puget Sound

 The winds are actually blowing proper now in central Puget Sound however are from an uncommon path:  easterly (from the east).

Looking on the infrared satellite tv for pc picture for five PM at present, you’d count on numerous precipitation reaching the floor over western Washington, however just a few sprinkles have hit from Everett to Tacoma.

This lack of precipitation i confirmed by the radar picture at the moment (see under).  And it was even precipitating and SNOWING on the coast.  How bizarre is that?  In truth, it IS snowing above us proper now, however the snowflakes are evaporating earlier than they attain the floor.  They haven’t got an opportunity.

Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget Sound

The rationalization is the easterly stream, produced by a robust low-pressure middle off our coast (see climate map at four PM under).  With excessive stress inland and low stress offshore, a strong offshore directed stress distinction is in place, producing sturdy easterly winds.

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1611722449 381 Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget Sound

How sturdy?  Here is the plot of wind path and gusts (pink numbers) across the area (click on on picture to develop).  Some areas are gusting to 40-50 mph.

1611722450 297 Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget Sound

And since sturdy easterly winds are much less frequent than highly effective southerly winds, some branches are falling producing scattered energy outages (see PSE outage map under).

1611722450 320 Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget Sound

But probably the most fascinating side of the winds is their dryness.  Dry as a result of they’re related to air that’s SINKING and warming on the western slopes of the Cascades.  

To illustrate, take into account the situations on the highest of my constructing on the UW (under).  

Around 1 PM (21z on the backside), the winds began to choose up (see letter A), with gusts to 25 knots!  Wind path was due east (second panel).   

The third panel is the fascinating one…the highest (black) line is temperature and the underside is dew level (a measure of moisture).  Temperature rose, however dew level fell (letter B).  The larger the distinction between the 2, the drier the air.

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1611722451 306 Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget Sound1611722451 742 Dry Snow Eater Winds over Puget SoundTake a have a look at the fourth panel that exhibits relative humidity.  Mama Mia!  Relative humidity plummeted from round 80% to underneath 50%.  Dry air.  No marvel I received a shock after I touched a door knob.
The climate system offshore and the related entrance (obvious within the satellite tv for pc image) are producing numerous snowflakes and ice crystals aloft.  But they’re sublimating (what evaporation from ice known as) and disappearing earlier than they attain the floor.
Sometimes, this sort of downslope wind known as a Chinook (or snow-eater) wind.
It is actually having a feast with the snow above us proper now.


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