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How Dystopian ‘Low End Kid’ Captures Our Risk-Averse Age

Why did I write “The Low End Kid?”

I began with a easy thought. What if the heroes we worship at the moment find yourself vilified in a future society blinded by utopian morals? And to actually flip issues round, what if thugs turn out to be the champions who hunt the fallen heroes for cash and glory?

On the floor, this high-concept story was intriguing sufficient for a generic motion novel. But on nearer inspection, it lacked a soul wanted to make any vital affect on discerning audiences.

Over the subsequent two years, I hammered away on the define, trashing one cool ingredient after one other in a failed pursuit of a correct storyline. I had the right protagonist, Max Zander, a teenage boy who holds no allegiances and possesses a penchant for upsetting the established order.

As an opportunist seeking to rating his fortune by any means potential, together with capturing outcasts, Max may very well be the P.O.V. for readers approaching this novel chilly. Yet, even with him serving because the narrative anchor, the story was nonetheless lacking emotional weight.

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Well, that’s till I stumbled upon the right counterbalance to his roguish allure, Zoe Chacon, an growing older battle-hardened fugitive who will get caught in Max’s grasping crosshairs. By arresting a lady whose solely sin is being a soldier, the naïve boy units in movement a collection of occasions that may flip his life the wrong way up.

Putting Politics a Distant Second

With these two characters working off one another, I lastly had a compelling story to discover. From there, “The Low End Kid” got here into being, and with it, an inescapable sociopolitical commentary emerged, begging for consideration.

I by no means got down to make a political assertion. To be sincere, I typically discover agenda-driven books and flicks a tad sanctimonious, if not synthetic.

However, Max and Zoe exist in a tradition the place an individual’s social value is predicated on their worth to the
larger Collective. Follow the norms, and you’ll earn factors, which might elevate your standing. Resist, and you’ll turn out to be an untouchable, condemned to persecution and bondage. So, inside that particular context, such commentary is critical in an effort to present logical motivations for the characters.

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This ‘Kid’ Resists Easy Labels

Despite the inherent political trappings, “The Low End Kid: can’t be pigeonholed right into a proper versus left argument. Nor ought to it’s used as a diehard assertion relating to the validity of 1 particular person’s beliefs in comparison with another person’s.

To achieve this could be boastful for any writer, no matter schooling or expertise.

First and foremost, I need this novel to entertain the reader. The characters and their emotional responses are the primary focus. It is the human issue that almost all intrigues me. I assume you possibly can say I care extra for individuals than I do for rules. Do Max and Zoe’s feelings ring true to you, the supposed viewers? If so, then I efficiently did my half as a author.

So, why did I create “The Low End Kid?” Because I might.

Yeah, that reply sounds precisely how Max would reply. Perhaps there’s a bit of of me in him. Maybe you will discover a few of him in you. Wouldn’t that be one thing?

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Robert Krone is a retired public servant, freelance author, photographer, artist and now — novelist. His first work of fiction is “The Low End Kid,” hitting e book shops Dec. 14.

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