How I Podcast: Election Profit Makers’ David Rees

How I Podcast: Election Profit Makers’ David Rees

The fantastic thing about podcasting is that anybody can do it. It’s a uncommon medium that’s practically as straightforward to make as it’s to devour. And as such, no two individuals do it precisely the identical approach. There are a wealth of {hardware} and software program options open to potential podcasters, so setups run the gamut from NPR studios to USB Skype rigs (the latter of which has change into a sort of default in the course of the present pandemic).

We’ve requested a few of our favourite podcast hosts and producers to focus on their workflows — the tools and software program they use to get the job executed. The checklist up to now consists of:

Welcome to Your Fantasy’s Eleanor Kagan
Articles of Interest’s Avery Trufelman
First Draft and Track Changes’ Sarah Enni
RiYL distant podcasting version
Family Ghosts’ Sam Dingman
I’m Listening’s Anita Flores
Broken Record’s Justin Richmond
Criminal/This Is Love’s Lauren Spohrer
Jeffrey Cranor of Welcome to Night Vale
Jesse Thorn of Bullseye
Ben Lindbergh of Effectively Wild
My personal podcast, RiYL

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Everyone is aware of that politics are like sports activities, solely with, , real-world penalties that may immediately affect the lives of tens of millions. But why deal in abstractions when you may wager precise cash? With Election Profit Makers, co-hosts David Rees, Starlee Kine and Jon Kimball put their cash the place their mouth is, betting on political outcomes with their hard-earned {dollars}.

Image Credits: David Rees

As a collector of audio gear (largely results pedals, outdated rim-drive tape machines and 1980s keyboards I’ve modified), I want I might say my podcasting setup featured tools that’s extraordinarily costly and laborious to come back by. I might like to brag about utilizing, say, hand-wired boutique preamps and a uncommon Soviet condenser microphone I purchased at a army public sale in Kazakhstan. Nothing would please me greater than to share images of an enormous reel-to-reel tape machine on which I file my advert reads (for “heat”) earlier than mixing them down on my laptop computer.

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Alas, my podcasting setup is extraordinarily regular. I’ve a Scarlett two-channel interface I purchased at a series retailer. I’ve a Rode microphone as a result of I couldn’t afford a Shure SM7B. I file into GarageBand, which is the spiral-bound pocket book of audio interfaces. The solely barely uncommon factor about my podcasting setup is that on the uncommon event once I edit an episode I achieve this in Ableton Live, which I initially purchased years in the past once I was obsessive about making mashups.

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Image Credits: David Rees

The solely analog affectation I can declare is a shameful one: My laptop computer is so outdated the USB ports appear to be going slack — I’m stunned they don’t have hair rising out of them like outdated males’s ears — so I’ve to repair the road from my Scarlett into place utilizing electrical tape.

Election Profit Makers is a podcast about betting on political occasions utilizing the web page (My co-host Jon Kimball made sufficient cash on the 2020 election to purchase a brand new automobile; I made sufficient to purchase a brand new tremolo pedal.) The solely time we’ve executed area recordings was final spring, when Jon and I went on a nerd / comedy cruise within the Caribbean the week COVID hit. We recorded every day dispatches at sea utilizing a Zoom H4N, then wandered round Santo Domingo till we discovered a college library whose Wi-Fi we might use to add the recordsdata to our co-host and editor Starlee. My cellphone tells me I walked 24,000 steps that day.

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Image Credits: David Rees

Because my podcasting setup is so boring, I’ve spiced up the pictures by together with a few of my different audio gear within the photographs! When the world is prepared for cassette-based podcasts saturated in analog delay, I might be very happy to oblige!


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