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It’s Official: Chris Rock Threw Jimmy Fallon Under Cancel Culture Bus

Jimmy Fallon had little alternative however to grovel for forgiveness after his comedy sin bought uncovered earlier this yr.

Twenty years in the past the “Tonight Show” star darkened his pores and skin to reinforce his impression of black comic Chris Rock.

The act was harmless on the time, half of a bigger comedian meme the place white performers used make-up to seem black. Few, if any, folks howled in protest on the time, and the follow was commonplace. The tradition didn’t draw a direct line between the make-up and the inexcusable blackface incidents of the early 20th century, which have been merciless, calculating and supposed to harm black Americans.

Consider the next stars who darkened their pores and skin through the late 20th century/early 21st century sans vital repercussions (on the time):

  • Fred Armisen
  • Sarah Silverman 
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Tina Fey
  • Paula Deen
  • Gene Wilder
  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Billy Crystal

Today’s tradition is extra delicate, extra keen to guard black Americans from any connection to the nation’s ugly, racist previous. So when Fallon’s Chris Rock impression “re-surfaced” (as if by magic!) the comic had little alternative however to reply.

He apologized profusely from his “Tonight Show” perch, beginning a protracted “dialog” about race.

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The outcome? The press nonetheless seen Fallon with suspicion for being insufficiently anti-Trump, however they hoped he would use the incident to push for social justice (and progressive causes) by way of his standard speak present. And he’s finished precisely that.

Yet it didn’t must occur. Rock might have stepped up on the time of the “re-surfacing” and defended Fallon.

“We all hate blackface now, however my buddy didn’t notice it on the time. He didn’t imply to harm or insult me, he was simply doing an impression. He’s a pal!”

That form of help from Rock would have modified, properly, all the things for Fallon.

Note: Many “blackface” celebrities, together with Armisen and Kimmel, have both prevented the Cancel Culture mob or bought a easy slap on the wrist within the case of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host.

Instead, Rock went radio silent, leaving Fallon to fend for himself. Now, with Rock out selling his work in “Fargo’s” fourth season, the comic is talking out about Fallon and the blackface imbroglio.

“Hey, man, I’m associates with Jimmy. Jimmy’s an incredible man,” Rock informed the New York Times. “And he didn’t imply something. Lots of people need to say intention doesn’t matter, however it does. And I don’t suppose Jimmy Fallon supposed to harm me. And he didn’t.”

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Rock did intend to harm Fallon, although, by staying silent when it mattered most. Fallon ended up begging for our forgiveness, however it might have been worse. He may need misplaced endorsement offers, and even his job.

When Cancel Culture knocks in your door, something can occur. Just ask Kevin Hart, Roseanne Barr or J.Ok. Rowling.

And the woke mob loathes Fallon already for his affable interview with then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump on the finish of the 2016 election cycle.

Rock continues:

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Rock stated that whereas the sketch itself—the place Fallon, carrying darkish make-up and a leather-based jacket, impersonated Rock—was “unhealthy comedy,” he didn’t maintain any laborious emotions towards Fallon himself. He “doesn’t have a racist bone in his physique,” Rock stated of Fallon, including that the host known as Rock after issuing a public apology for the offensive sketch.

So Fallon isn’t a racist in any method, form or type, however Rock let him twist within the wind by staying silent on the time.

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Later, Rock admits the highly effective forces lined up towards anybody who seems in blackface, previous or current, or dares to defend any facet of it now. The journalist requested if the push to erase blackface moments from comedy had gone too far.

“If I say they’re, then I’m the worst man on this planet. There’s actually one reply that ends my entire profession,” he stated. “Blackface ain’t cool, OK? That’s my quote. Blackface is unhealthy. Who wants it? It’s so unhappy, we dwell in a world now the place you need to say, I’m so towards most cancers. ‘I simply assumed you appreciated most cancers.’ No, no, no, I’m so towards it. You must state so many apparent belongings you’re towards.”

It wasn’t at all times this manner, and Rock is aware of it. He additionally is aware of, on some degree, that when Fallon wanted a pal in present enterprise probably the most, a fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum stood down moderately than help.

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