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John Cusack’s Sad Decline, Explained

Sometimes appearances aren’t deceiving.

Take Tom Hanks, an actor many think about the successor to all-American celebrity Jimmy Stewart. Hanks routinely performs Everyman heroes, characters who accomplish the unimaginable with out unimaginable items or methods.

Think “Saving Private Ryan,” “Sully,” “Cast Away” and “Captain Phillips.”

Hanks isn’t a superhero in actual life, however he’s navigated Hollywood’s uneven waters for many years with out scandal and with routine acts of kindness. His early COVID-19 prognosis, for instance, allowed him to calm a shattered nation’s nerves.

He’s no saint, however audiences sense one thing stable, and respectable, when he graces the display screen.

And then there’s John Cusack. There may very well be a motive why the standard roles have dried up for the 54 12 months previous star, and it has little to do together with his age.

He sounds … unhinged. His latest declaration? Nearly one-third of Americans are Nazis. And that’s simply the tip of the dystopian iceberg for Cusack.

I do know why Biden is preaching reconciliation
But 30 % of nation that
Are nazi — are enemies

— John Cusack (@johncusack) November 8, 2020

Let’s return to see how the actor received right here, and why his future prospects are removed from sure.

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The teen Cusack racked up a string of memorable comedies few actors can match.

  • “Better Off Dead”
  • “Sixteen Candles”
  • “The Sure Thing”
  • “One Crazy Summer”
  • “Say Anything”

The latter was extra of a drama, but it surely allowed Cusack to cap his teen years in grand type.

He aggressively left these roles behind with work in “True Colors,” “The Grifters” and “Bullets Over Broadway.” Those gigs allowed him to outlive any attainable Brat Pack-style curse in addition to the ’80s extra that snagged a few of his friends.

He was a critical actor, one demanding your respect. He routinely earned it.

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He finally constructed a multi-faceted profession, leaning on his teen rom-com fame (“Serendipity”) in addition to his edgier persona (“Grosse Pointe Blank”). In between, he stretched his skills, bouncing from blockbuster motion (“Con Air”) to non-public options (“Martian Child”).

His profession downtown began, roughly, across the time a sure actuality present star entered the White House.

Suddenly, Cusack movies went straight to house video or VOD, with generic titles like “Singularity,” “Blood Money,” “Arsenal,” and “Never Grow Old.”

The Chicago native discovered himself in Bruce Willis territory. He was an older “identify” churning out generic movies that hardly ever reached theaters. Unlike Willis, Cusack doubled down on his Twitter histrionics. That meant a gradual stream of President Trump assaults, however with a distinction. 

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The actor joined a doubtful group of stars who appeared … crazed … by Trump’s very existence. Cusack, together with Robert De Niro, Rob Reiner and Bette Midler, discovered the “Apprentice” star obsessing their ideas. He routinely lashed out at any who dared help the unconventional chief, too.


  • In 2017 Cusack Tweeted a message saying Trump was “useless” and wanted to be “buried.”
  • The liberal information website questioned if Cusack and Trump have been extra alike than they realized.
  • He’s cheered on riots if it meant eradicating Trump from workplace.
  • Most just lately, he vowed to not communicate with anybody who wasn’t aggressively “anti-Trump.”

That’s only a cursory have a look at his hateful social media previous.

What’s subsequent for Cusack? He landed a job in Amazon’s “Utopia” collection, a venture that hasn’t captured the zeitgeist like fellow originals “The Boys” or “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

YouTube Video

The solely IMDB credit score for future work is a film known as “My Only Sunshine” co-starring J.Ok. Simmons.

His social media antics received’t essentially harm his profession, but it surely might nonetheless give future employers pause. It’s additionally attainable his Trump Derangement broken his expertise. Look no additional than Reiner, a former A-plus director (“Stand By Me,” “Princess Bride”) whose latest work is a shadow of a tracing of his previous glories.

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Actors are at all times one position away from a comeback. Just ask John Travolta, who got here roaring again — twice — due to the “Look Who’s Talking” franchise and, later, “Pulp Fiction.”

To Cusack’s credit score, he has sufficient self-awareness to understand his present Hollywood inventory.

“We-e-e-ell. I haven’t actually been sizzling for a very long time,” he informed The Guardian earlier this 12 months.

“In the previous few years, I haven’t been in a position to get tasks financed,” he says. “That may very well be a operate of getting older. Or it may very well be a operate of being chilly.”

Travolta’s resurgences got here earlier than social media’s ascendancy. Now, with Cusack’s “chilly” Tweets entrance and middle, there’s much less likelihood audiences will likely be prepared and prepared to rally to his facet as soon as extra … even when his personal “Pulp Fiction” looms within the horizon.

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