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Josh Denny Shares Full Story Behind Being ‘Canceled’ by Woke Mob

Josh Denny is aware of firsthand how insidious Cancel Culture will be.

The comic, podcaster and Food Network host obtained “cancelled” two years in the past after he shared a provocative comparability on Twitter tied to race.

“Straight White Male” has turn into this century’s N-Word. It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient primarily based on assumption and bias. No distinction within the utilization.

— Josh Denny (@JoshDenny) May 18, 2018

The social media mob rose up and he shortly misplaced work. That wasn’t the entire story, although.

The cancellation started after the woke mob dug up edgy racial jokes Denny had advised courting again to 2009. His leisure profession shortly collapsed. He misplaced his agent, a reside comedy present and his pitch conferences immediately evaporated. Friends and collaborators additionally disconnected from him.

The harm didn’t cease there, although.

He finally landed at Southern California firm because of a long-term connection. Denny interviewed with the corporate president and snagged the job.

For all of two days.

“They fired me for the stuff I’ve accomplished as a comic,” he says. He realized a feminine worker who didn’t even work for his division complained about him to Human Resources. The matter is at present below litigation.

Denny has a easy retort for individuals who say Cancel Culture isn’t actual.

“It’s bulls***,” he says. “The corporations at the moment are simply firing individuals as a result of they don’t like their beliefs.”

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Hollywood’s present woke obsession hasn’t helped him, both. Denny remembers pitch conferences the place he was advised producers weren’t inquisitive about “telling any straight white male tales.”

“I can’t not be that,” he says.

Denny’s outspoken nature has drawn its justifiable share of reward through the years, but it surely’s typically accomplished in secret.

“Actors I’ve by no means met earlier than attain out. ‘I want I may say stuff like this, however I’d lose my profession,’” they inform him. Those reactions will be irritating.

“Yeah, however you reside within the Hills, have hundreds of thousands of {dollars}. You may make work that modifications this angle, however you don’t,” he says. It’s why the few outstanding Hollywood conservatives personally steer their careers. Stars like Clint Eastwood and Vince Vaughn, Denny notes, typically do double obligation to get their movies off the bottom.

“If you’re directing and writing and producing your content material … you are able to do what you need,” he says, citing podcasters like Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla for blazing their very own trails.

In latest months conservative actors Nick Searcy and Antonio Sabato, Jr. have begun their very own manufacturing corporations to supply heartland-friendly options.

Denny lashed out at Hollywood hypocrisy earlier this week in response to comedian Jim Gaffigan’s unhinged anti-Trump Tweet storm. The response to Denny’s social media diatribe was largely optimistic, he says, the alternative to his 2018 Twitter imbroglio.

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I’ve all the time appreciated @JimGaffigan. I’ve by no means met him. I don’t agree with every thing he stated in his rant this previous week, however I’ll defend his proper to say it. Here’s my downside when this occurs although (I’m going to tweet my ideas, so strap in):

— Josh Denny (@JoshDenny) August 31, 2020

Even left-leaning responders stated they understood Denny’s viewpoint.

He additionally heard from individuals saying they misplaced their crew gigs in Hollywood for supporting President Trump.

These days, Denny is making the rounds on quite a lot of podcasts, recording his personal present (“The Darkest Hour“) and selling a brand new enterprise that actually speaks to the present occasions. Will The Agency “serves among the quote unquote non-woke manufacturers left behind by conventional advertisers,” he says.

The firm’s motto? “Where others gained’t, we are going to.”

“The incontrovertible fact that we’re not a conventional promoting company, individuals reply to that,” says Denny, including the group will tackle right-leaning political campaigns as a part of its enterprise. He admires conservatives who embrace digital media, like Baltimore GOP House candidate Kimberly Klacik.

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This Cancel Culture survivor has realized a factor or two in regards to the 21st century pattern. For starters, his social media critics weren’t his followers within the first place.

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“I didn’t actually lose them,” he says, however they do create a story that may stop him from discovering work. And whereas Denny’s preliminary Tweet didn’t criticize Gaffigan straight, he’s saddened that the “Pale Tourist” comedian selected the most secure path along with his Trump diatribe.

Gaffigan, an overtly Catholic comedian with 5 youngsters, doesn’t use his bully pulpit — or Twitter account — to help pro-life causes.


“People within the trade would [expletive] crucify him,” Denny notes, however he’s greater than prepared to hitch the Hollywood Resistance and smite President Trump.

“What’s ‘in’ proper now,” Denny notes, “is authenticity. Joe Rogan is authentically himself throughout the board. Jim Gaffigan clearly demonstrated that he’s not. People odor that bull****.”

That, he argues, is pushing Americans to the correct, a aspect he says is extra “welcoming” in the intervening time. It’s why some flock to a flawed persona like President Trump, somebody not taking part in the Identity Politics shuffle.

“The left goals to be so progressive, however they’re so discriminatory in the best way that’s executed,” he says. That means many right-of-center Americans should fend for themselves.

“There’s nearly a brutality to conservatism as we speak. You’re by yourself. Go hunt. Go fish. Go survive,” he says.

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