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Liberal Comic Judy Gold: The Progressive Left Has Corrupted Free Speech

A fast perusal of Judy Gold’s Twitter account makes it clear she received’t be voting for President Donald Trump this fall.

The veteran comedian routinely rails in opposition to each the President and the GOP. That’s normal stuff for contemporary comedians, an leisure group that reliably leans to the Left.

Folks like Nick Di Paolo, Evan Sayet and Dennis Miller are the exceptions to the stand-up rule.

And, sadly, the battle without cost speech in 2020 is being fought totally on the Right — with just a few exceptions:

  • Ricky Gervais
  • John Cleese
  • J.Ok. Rowling (as of roughly two weeks in the past)

You can add Gold to that record.

The liberal comedienne dropped by “The Adam Carolla Show” podcast this week and tore into anybody attempting to censor what comedians say. 


Partly as a result of she’s selling her upcoming e-book, “Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All in Trouble.” The July 28 launch from the Emmy award winner explores a tradition that calls for comics solely inform sure jokes, sure methods.

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Or else.

She spoke with Carolla, one of many fiercest defenders of free speech alive, concerning the strain positioned on comedians in 2020.

She shared how Vice TV ran a section on faculty bookers, all of whom have been 22 or so years previous, telling comedians what they’ll and can’t say

“They don’t have any life expertise, no information of comedy and I used to be interviewed because the opposing viewpoint,” Gold mentioned.

She doesn’t take kindly to that development.

“Don’t you f***ing inform me after I get on stage what I can say, what I can discuss. We are comedians. We are social commentators. Our objective once we get on stage is to make folks chuckle. That’s it. Don’t inform me that you simply’re triggered by a phrase … when you don’t like a comic book, change the channel.”

Gold then described why censoring a comic disrupts the artistic course of.

“There’s a lot that goes right into a joke or a bit. Nuance. Intent. Context. Who the f*** are you to inform me, ‘Oh, I can’t say that phrase. It would possibly set off this one.’

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And it’s the progressive left that has actually corrupted free speech,” added Gold, host of the podcast “Kill Me Now.”

Carolla gently stepped in, saying it’s not liberals however Leftists censoring thought in 21st century America.

Gold wouldn’t let the problem die.

“This concept that comedians are being canceled, their life’s work is being erased … no,” she mentioned..

Carolla famous that when he was in his early 20s he’d by no means even think about telling an older, established comic what jokes might be instructed.

“These 22 yr olds are like drunk with energy … ‘Take this tweet down or modify this. You’re gonna do comedy? Let me vet it,’” he mentioned.

Gold introduced up the farcical notion of participation trophies, the place kids who don’t obtain something of worth are rewarded for his or her efforts. That’s half of a bigger cultural rot, one leaving younger Americans unable to manage for themselves.

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“I imagine being offended is a alternative. You make that alternative,” she mentioned, including the folly of attempting to avoid difficult ideas. “This concept which you can by no means really feel uncomfortable .. .what are you being shielded from? ‘Oh, that triggers me.’ You acquired triggered the minute your alarm goes off within the morning … discover ways to f***ing stay, you idiots! The world doesn’t revolve round you.”

Gold blames her personal ideological facet of the aisle for Cancel Culture’s emergence. Ironically, the Amazon web page for her e-book cites uncommon examples the place conservatives decried political humor:

The fallout after Michelle Wolf’s roast on the 2018 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Samantha Bee’s compelled apology after calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt,” Kathy Griffin’s being “blacklisted” from Hollywood after posting a photograph with what seemed just like the president’s severed head, all symbolize a harmful and rising development—to censor comedians.

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