On lying AIs

On lying AIs

A yellow-eyed cat tilts its eyes on the digital camera, gazing up from a gray bedspread. ‘London Trip’, is the AI’s title for this photo-montage ‘Memory’ plucked from the depths of my iPhone camera-roll. It’s chosen a tragic rating of plinking piano and sweeping violin. The algorithm has calculated it should tug on the coronary heart strings. 

Cut to a crop of a desk with a 2FA system resting on a laptop computer case. It’s under no circumstances photogenic. On to a shot of a settee in a front room. It’s empty. The digital camera inclines towards a radio on a sidetable. Should we be apprehensive for the invisible occupant? The staging invitations cryptic questions.

Cut to an out of doors scene: An enormous tree spreading above a wrought iron park fence. Another overcast day within the metropolis. Beside it an eccentric shock of orange. A bit of public artwork? A glass-blown set up? There’s no time to analyze or interrogate. The AI is shifting on. There’s extra information clogging its banks. 

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Cut to a convention speaker. White, male, besuited, he’s gesticulating in opposition to a navy wall stamped with some sort of insignia. The picture is low high quality, snapped in haste from the viewers, particulars too fuzzy to pick. Still, the digital camera lingers, panning throughout the tedious vista. A wider angle reveals convention signage for one thing referred to as ‘Health X’. This lengthy distant press occasion rings a dim bell. Another unlovely crop: My voice recorder beside a brick wall subsequent to an iced espresso. I suppose I’m working from a espresso store.

On we go. A snap by a window-frame of a properly saved backyard, a bird-bath sprouting from low bushes. Another shot of the shrubbery reveals a ladder laid out alongside a brick wall. I feel it seems like a church backyard in Southwark however I actually can’t inform. No matter. The AI has misplaced curiosity. Now it’s obsessing over a billboard of a Google Play advert: “All the tracks you personal and thousands and thousands extra to find — Try it now without cost,” the textual content reads above a weathered JCDecaux model stamp.

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There’s no time to contemplate what any of this implies as a result of instantly it’s nighttime. It have to be; my bedside lamp is lit. Or is it? Now we’re again on the lounge couch with daylight and a guide referred to as ‘Nikolski’ (which can also be, because it occurs, about separation and connection and random artefacts — though its suave narrative succeeds in serendipity).

Cut to a handful of berries in a cup. Cut to an exotic-looking wallflower which I do know grows within the neighbourhood. The rating is absolutely hovering now. A lilting feminine vocal lands on cue to accompany a solitary selfie.

I’m trying unimpressed. I’ve so many questions. 

The AI isn’t fairly completed. For the finale: A poorly framed crop of a backyard fence and a patio of pot vegetation, washing weeping behind the foliage. The music is fading, the machine is nearly completed setting up its London journey. The final shot will get thrust into view: Someone’s hand clasping a half-drunk punch. 

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Go house algorithm, you’re drunk.

My iPhone has invented a 2014 'London journey' that wasn't. It calls this absurd & creepy assemble "a brand new reminiscence" – attempting to move off its bizarre fiction as my very own. Do algorithms dream in camerarolls? More importantly, when & the place did we comply with surveillance by mendacity AIs?

— Natasha (@riptari) September 17, 2020

Footnote: Apple says on-device machine studying powers iOS’ “clever pictures expertise” which “analyzes each 
picture in a consumer’s picture library utilizing on-device machine studying [to] ship 
a customized expertise for every consumer” — with the superior processing slated to incorporate scene classification, composition evaluation, folks and pets identification, high quality evaluation and identification of facial expressions


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