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‘Red Dawn’ Director: ‘Hollywood Disdains Flyover Country’

Director John Millius is nothing lower than a legend.

Milius performed a essential function in ’70s cinema, and past. He wrote “Apocalypse Now,” “Conan the Barbarian” and helped sculpt two “Dirty Harry” movies. The auteur’s 1984 motion movie “Red Dawn” rapidly achieved cult movie standing, influencing a era of rebels within the course of. 

His artistic ties to fellow legends George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola fleshed out the 2013 documentary “Milius.”

The director suffered a stroke in 2010 and at present battles aphasia, which makes speaking tough. He nonetheless agreed to a interview this week, a wide-ranging alternate that deserves to be absorbed in full.

One part of the Q&A is especially noteworthy.

Milius’ strategy to artwork, and his means to attach with Red State America, is sorely missed. The web site requested hims about fashionable Tinsel Town and what “Hollywood simply doesn’t get proper now.” 

“Hollywood disdains Fly Over Country and the individuals who stay there. Which is de facto silly on the studios’ half as a result of there’s an enormous amount of cash to be made there. We want extra movies like American Sniper, Lone Survivor, Hell or High Water and Wind River that each one show that Oklahoma City, Dallas, Nashville, Omaha, and Kansas City will present up on the theaters for good movies that aren’t attempting to be hip or cynical.”

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The author/director additionally weighed in on how Hollywood will get historical past unsuitable, each on goal and to the detriment of the nation.

“Most Hollywood movies about historical past mirror the occasions the movie was made in, not the true historical past. I hate revisionist historical past as a result of it’s all the time politically appropriate and politically motivated.”

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