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Sen. Cruz Exposes Seth Rogen, Hollywood, as Part of Blacklist 2.0

You know a conservative is profitable an argument when the opposite aspect screams, “shut up!”

Sadly, the Left has been screaming simply that for thus lengthy they don’t understand how weak, and frightened, they sound. It’s why far-Left radicals shout down conservatives on school campuses and, extra just lately, on social media platforms.

The newest “living proof” got here with a protracted battle between Sen. Ted Cruz and far-left, riot-supporting actor Seth Rogen.

Sound harsh?

Rogen despatched a fats verify to the Minnesota Freedom Fund final yr, hoping to bail out those that helped the Twin Cities burn following the demise of George Floyd. When this reporter requested his representatives if the “Knocked Up” star anxious his money would go to violent offenders (and it doubtless did…) he had no remark.

Back to the digital dustup…

It began when Sen. Cruz slammed the brand new Biden administration for rejoining the serially flawed Paris Climate Agreement.

“…President Biden signifies he’s extra within the views of the residents of Paris than within the jobs of the residents of Pittsburgh,” tweeted Cruz on Wednesday. “This settlement will do little to have an effect on the local weather and can hurt the livelihoods of Americans.”

Rogen’s mature response?

“F*** off you fascist”

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The struggle continued, with Rogen claiming Cruz was chargeable for the “white supremacist” Jan. 6 Capitol riots as a result of he questioned parts of the 2020 presidential election. Nearly all of Hollywood did simply that 4 years in the past, with out proof, when Donald Trump pretty and squarely defeated Hillary Clinton.

And sure, there was violence aplenty at Trump’s inauguration.

YouTube Video

We subsequently noticed a U.S. Congressman, Steve Scalise, get shot by a far-left gunman, a Fox News host have his home vandalized by far-left extremists and Trump supporters routinely bludgeoned. That’s only a microscopic instance of the reams of violence fueled by the liberal media and Hollywood over the previous 4 years.

If Rogen desires to play the Blame Game, then issues will get very ugly, very quick.

The Senator then slammed each Rogen and his far-left pals for hurting the working man.

Charming, civil, educated response. ⁦

If you’re a wealthy, offended Hollywood movie star, immediately’s Dems are the social gathering for you.

If you’re blue-collar, when you’re a union member, when you work in power or manufacturing…not a lot.

President Joe Biden’s latest flurry of govt orders will lead to 1000’s of misplaced jobs. None of that may contact Rogen, although, nor his elite circle.

Rogen’s response? More hate and profanity:

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Haha get f***ed fascist. Go encourage a white supremacist rebel once more you f***ing clown.

Sen. Cruz then went for the rhetorical kill shot:

All jokes apart, @Sethrogen is a moron.

It’s your social gathering that believes in govt energy: to close your online business, to oppress your religion & to censor your speech.

Anyone who disagrees, they attempt to cancel.

BTW, a variety of people in Hollywood are conservative—& muzzled by the fascist Left.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) January 24, 2021

Sen. Cruz is 100 % correct.

Rogen’s liberal friends are those canceling careers and other people with alacrity. They’re stopping conservative creatives from feeling welcome within the leisure business, a problem that persists with out an oz. of concern from A-listers.

They’re both ignoring, or outright cheering, as Republicans get booted off social media platforms, from former President Donald Trump to conservative influencers like Mike Lindell and extra.

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It’s Democratic politicians who shut down states, cities and companies with out the “science” to again up their arguments. And it’s a few of those self same Democrats who’re abruptly re-opening their cities and states now {that a} Democrat is within the White House.

Rogen’s Hollywood pals additionally mocked unusual Americans who resisted the lockdowns, keen to carry on to their companies, their houses, their livelihoods.

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So how did Rogen reply to Cruz’s newest blast.

He didn’t.

So Esquire rushed to his protection. The far-left “males’s journal” comically recalled the McCarthy period to assault Cruz. Not the man telling people to close up, thoughts you, however Cruz. The website later defined away all of the occasions celebrities incited violence by claiming it by no means prompted real-world mayhem.

Rep. Scalise and Sen. Rand Paul would politely disagree. So would lots of of Trump supporters. And don’t suppose the nonstop “Trump is Hitler” messaging didn’t permit Big Tech to aggressively silence right-of-center voices. with out extra public outrage.

Esquire wraps its farcical Cruz assault with, what else, a name for silence.

If the Trump presidency taught us something it’s that baseless lies and accusations have penalties. Also, that politicians ought to most likely tweet much less. So please, Sen. Cruz, for the sake of our democracy, shut up.

Yes, please shut up, as a result of in any other case we would lose the argument.


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