Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest

Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest

The subsequent 4 days will likely be beautiful:  sunny, heat, with many areas having fun with temperatures within the 80s.  But there will likely be attention-grabbing subtleties that the meteorologically knowledgeable will get pleasure from.

Picture courtesy of Ferd Frederick
Let me describe the steps to climate heaven.

The First Step

The floor climate map for Thursday at 5 PM exhibits step 1 (strong strains are sea stage stress, barbs are floor winds, shading is low-level temperatures).  Higher stress builds inland over southeastern BC, Idaho, western Montana, and Wyoming.  The ensuing offshore stress distinction (stress larger inland than alongside the coast) compelled easterly (from the east) circulate, which warmed because it descended the western slopes of the Cascades, Rockies and northern Sierra Nevada. The warming triggered stress to fall alongside the Oregon coast, producing a thermal trough that pushed northward out of the Central Valley of

Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest
California.   With the core of the trough south of us, a big north-south stress distinction fashioned, inflicting the very robust northerly winds of  yesterday.  Ironic…. robust, cool northerly winds are an indication of incipient warming!

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But whereas it was comparatively cool and blustery yesterday, one thing essential was taking place above our heads right here in western Washington: easterly winds aloft from jap Washington was quickly warming the air above us!

Below is a plot of the winds and temperatures above SeaTac airport over the past 24h from information supplied by plane.  Red strains are temperature in levels C, the wind barbs are blue, time will increase to the left, and top is proven on the Y-axis (in stress…. 700 is about 10,000 ft). 

Yesterday there was shallow northerlies, as famous earlier, with some easterlies aloft.   Note how the easterlies strengthened, deepened and lowered, and at the moment are simply above the floor. The air warmed by compression because it sank into jap Washington.   In truth, the air above Sea Tac Airport warmed quickly through the day yesterday….from 1 to 8C round 5000 ft (850 on the chart).  A 7 C warming is about 13 F.  Nice.
1589989062 431 Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest
With a lot warming above us, a robust inversion (temperature growing with top) fashioned above us final night time.

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The Next Step:  Today

With clear skies and a robust solar, the floor warmed quickly this morning, which triggered the ambiance to convect and blend.  This mixing is bringing down the nice and cozy air from aloft to the floor.  As a outcome, temperatures are surging this morning …and can attain the mid-70s by early afternoon. 

Take a take a look at the plot of temperatures at SeaTac Airport for the previous 48 h. Wow.  At 11 AM it’s already 72F at SeaTac, having risen 20F in four hours.  Upper seventies are sure in areas away from the water.
1589989062 638 Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest

The Third Step:  Heaven

By tomorrow (Saturday), the coastal low stress space…the thermal trough… will transfer northward to the Washington Coast.  The easterly downslope circulate on the western sides of the Cascades will improve.  Temperatures will zoom into the 80s.  Relative humidity will likely be very low.

1589989063 938 Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest
The forecast of floor (2-m above the bottom) temperatures for Saturday at 5 PM exhibits a stunning outcome…..western Washington is hotter than jap Washington, with 80S over a lot of the lowlands.   The Willamette Valley will likely be even hotter.   Why is the west aspect hotter than the Columbia Basin? 

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Because of sinking air on the Cascade and our isolation from the cool, marine air (as a result of the circulate is coming from the east).  Plus, jap WA is getting a number of the cooling affect of chilly air to east of the Rockies.

1589989064 202 Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest
Heaven will stay on Sunday–Mother’s Day.  Perfect climate for a stroll in one of many newly reopened parks. 

And take into account that the robust photo voltaic radiation with bountiful UV radiation this time of the yr is dangerous for the coronavirus, one thing highlighted by new analysis.  And the UV radiation in your pores and skin will support within the manufacturing of vitamin D, which some research recommend is useful in preventing the virus.  The UV forecast from EPA exhibits comparatively excessive values for the Northwest on Saturday (see under).

1589989065 775 Stairway to Meteorological Heaven for the Northwest


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