The Darkest Late May Day in Twenty Years

The Darkest Late May Day in Twenty Years

Saturday, for a lot of causes, was a particularly darkish day right here in Seattle.

The view at 1 PM Saturday, close to photo voltaic midday, was ominous and forbidding.

Meteorologically, it was the darkest day over the last week of May in twenty years, in response to Mark Albright, a analysis scientist on the UW and previous Washington State climatologist.

The photo voltaic radiation on the high of the Atmospheric Sciences Building on the UW was terribly low, solely reaching 2.82 megajoules per sq. meter (mega is million and joule is a unit of power).  The day earlier than it was nearly 27…almost ten instances extra!

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A plot of the every day photo voltaic radiation from the fantastic WSU AgWeather web site confirmed that Saturday had the bottom photo voltaic radiation in Seattle since early March, when the day wass a lot shorter and solar a lot weaker.

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The motive for the low photo voltaic radiation?  The key one was the extraordinarily deep and chronic clouds that hung over us your entire day, one thing evident within the seen satellite tv for pc picture at 1 PM:

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The Darkest Late May Day in Twenty Years
May turned out to be considerably wetter than regular in Seattle, with 3.12 inches within the rain gauge, 1.18 inches increased than regular (1.94 inches).  Compare that to final May (.62 inches).   In truth, May was wetter than regular in a lot of the state, notably the jap parts and the western slopes of the Cascades (see beneath).
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The moist May will support in staving off wildfires this summer time.  Temperatures common a number of levels above regular for the month.

Saturday was, after all, a darkish day for Seattle in different methods, as documented by the Seattle PanoCam’s picture at 4:30 PM,  with smoke from burning automobiles spreading throughout downtown.  An extraordinarily unhappy picture for many who look after this metropolis, and a warning of what can occur when these with violence and malice of their hearts usually are not countered by forces of motive and good will.

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