The Third Act in the Snow Drama.  Plus Freezing Rain Around Portland

The Third Act in the Snow Drama. Plus Freezing Rain Around Portland

 This snow drama was at all times going to to be in three acts.    The first was a teaser, the second was the principle act, and the third would be the transition from snow to rain.

The second act introduced substantial snow to the area, notably from 11 PM Friday via 9 AM this morning.  Here are just a few reviews from this morning…and take into account that many had one other inch or two after these reviews.

Around 15 inches close to Olympia.  12 inches at Ocean shores.    Seattle reaches Eight to 11 inches.

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Seattle WA
1236 PM PST Sat Feb 13 2021


Location                     Amount    Time/Date       Lat/Lon/Elev (ft.)
Carbonado           in   1041 AM 02/13   47.08N/122.05W
9 WNW Alder         in   1016 AM 02/13   46.83N/122.47W
Three N Olympia                  15.5 in   1135 AM 02/13   47.09N/122.89W
2 N Tanglewilde-Thomps in   1118 AM 02/13   47.08N/122.77W
2 NNE Melbourne     in   1027 AM 02/13   46.98N/123.61W
Olympia             in   0950 AM 02/13   47.04N/122.89W
2 ESE Graham        in   1119 AM 02/13   47.05N/122.26W
5 SE Roy            in   0932 AM 02/13   46.94N/122.47W
Four SSE Rainier       in   1042 AM 02/13   46.84N/122.64W
2 SE Tanglewilde-Thomps in   0855 AM 02/13   47.03N/122.75W
6 N Tanglewilde-Thomps       12.5 in   1000 AM 02/13   47.14N/122.80W
7 NW Dupont                  12.5 in   1117 AM 02/13   47.18N/122.76W
5 S Vaughn                   12.5 in   0909 AM 02/13   47.28N/122.77W
6 S Port Orchard             12.5 in   1206 PM 02/13   47.45N/122.66W
9 W Alder           in   1037 AM 02/13   46.82N/122.48W
1 SSE Lacey         in   1001 AM 02/13   47.03N/122.80W
1 NNE Stanwood      in   1110 AM 02/13   48.26N/122.34W
1 NE Bellevue       in   0745 AM 02/13   47.62N/122.19W
Ocean Shores        in   0930 AM 02/13   46.97N/124.16W

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A snowfall map for the final 24 hr from the National Weather Service reveals the heaviest quantities between Portland and Olympia (as a lot as 15-20 inches), with 8-12 inches extending to the central Sound.  Lighter quantities (4-6 inches) over Northwest WA.  

The forecast fashions weren’t unhealthy, however overplayed the east-west variations.  I might be trying into this deficiency through the subsequent few weeks (one in all my tasks is to enhance precipitation prediction by numerical fashions).    

Now in regards to the third act!

Tomorrow morning, a trough of low strain related to a weak entrance will approaching our coast (see floor climate map for 10 AM under, the stable traces point out strain, the colour shading present low-level temperatures, and I put a dashed oval across the function of curiosity).

We may have some residual chilly air at low ranges and the preliminary precipitation might be snow, however it should slowly transition to a rain/snow combine through the late morning and afternoon.

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The Third Act in the Snow Drama. Plus Freezing Rain
This combined scenario is indicated by the forecast precipitation fro 10AM Sunday, with colours indicating snow and grey shades exhibiting rain.
1613269300 234 The Third Act in the Snow Drama. Plus Freezing Rain
By the night tomorrow will probably be all rain within the lowlands under 1500 ft and snow above.  And Monday, we are going to see all rain and temperatures zooming up into the decrease 40s.
Finally, I ought to be aware that Portland and NW Oregon had a big freezing rain even in a single day, as warming temperatures aloft allowed rain above the floor that fell into subfreezing air close to the floor.   As a consequence, the rain grew to become supercooled (nonetheless liquid water however under freezing) after which froze on contact with the chilly floor.
Portland and neighborhood are notably inclined to ice storms due to the prepared provide of chilly air popping out of the Columbia River Gorge.  Seattle has no such chilly air supply, so ice storms are uncommon.
Here are some pictures from Oregon DOT:
1613269300 768 The Third Act in the Snow Drama. Plus Freezing Rain
The freezing rain weighed down branches and powerlines and resulted in over a quarter-million PGE clients loosing energy (that’s in all probability round 3/Four million folks). Here is the facility outage map this morning.
1613269301 957 The Third Act in the Snow Drama. Plus Freezing Rain
Enjoy the snow….it’s lovely.   And will in all probability be the final lowland snow occasion this season.

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