Twitter starts putting fact-checking labels on tweets about 5G and COVID-19

Twitter starts putting fact-checking labels on tweets about 5G and COVID-19

Conspiracy theories claiming a connection between 5G know-how and the coronavirus have been round for the reason that pandemic’s early days, and apparently they’re nonetheless going sturdy.

So sturdy, the truth is, that Twitter started making use of a label to some tweets about COVID-19 and 5G, encouraging customers to “get the info” concerning the virus. As Business Insider reported, clicking by way of the label results in a web page amassing sources debunking claims with hyperlinks to pages just like the BBC and Snopes. Earlier this 12 months, the conspiracy was linked to a collection of arson assaults on 5G towers.

Twitter’s newest wave of fact-checking labels seems to have been utilized fairly broadly, even on some tweets making jokes or references to the label itself.

Expanding its fact-checking labels to use to coronavirus 5G conspiracies is the most recent occasion of Twitter’s evolving platform moderation efforts. The labels cease a step wanting screening or eradicating content material altogether, as an alternative providing up extra context and letting customers attain their very own conclusions. At the very least, even with its delicate wording, the warning labels ought to assist flag untrustworthy content material for the platform’s most credulous customers.

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Coronavirus conspiracies like that bogus 5G declare are racing throughout the web


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