We asked, you told us: Here’s how often most of you unlock your phones

We asked, you told us: Here’s how often most of you unlock your phones

If you learn Android Authority, there’s likelihood you unlock your telephone typically. But how typically? We ran a ballot to gauge your telephone utilization habits, and it seems that lots of you unlock your gadgets many instances in a given day — generally a stunning quantity.

How many instances per day do you unlock your telephone?


About 43.5% of readers unlock their telephones between 51 to 100 instances per day. That’s over 4 instances per hour, and that’s assuming somebody is awake for 24 hours (which is quite unlikely). And for some, the numbers are significantly increased. Roughly 19.2% of respondents unlock their telephones 101 to 150 instances per day, and 10.8% unlock their telephones a staggering 150 instances or extra every day.

Some of you might have extra modest telephone utilization. The ballot indicated that about 26.5% of respondents unlock telephones 50 or fewer instances every day. This isn’t stunning once you’re doubtless home-bound throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, however you may additionally unlock this hardly ever should you’re carrying a smartwatch or can peek on the show on sure telephones. You don’t have to entry your telephone should you already know whether or not or not a notification is vital, in any case.

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Even so, you continue to have causes to examine your telephone. You’ll nonetheless get messages out of your distant associates, and your social media apps are in all probability busier than ever. Your film, music, and gaming habits won’t have modified, both. Phones are nonetheless a staple of each day life for a lot of, and your utilization stats mirror that.

Your feedback

  • OmJo93: I don’t maintain depend, however someplace between Too Many Times and Way Too Many Times.
  • Jimi Mack: Zero, as I don’t lock my telephone. I do business from home why undergo an [unnecessary] step.


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