When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day Ahead

When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day Ahead

 When I awoke this morning and regarded out, very dense fog dominated the panorama (see beneath).

I smiled to myself:  a “clear” signal of an excellent day forward with loads of solar.

Or check out the wonderful picture from the SpaceNeedle PanoCam at 7:10 AM this morning.  A dense fog layer is beneath, however the tops of excessive buildings lengthen above the murk and in case you intently, Mount Rainier is within the distance.  Above, blue skies and a few superbly illuminated cirrus clouds.

When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day
Very dense fog is inevitably shallow and compelled by excessive strain aloft, with clear skies above that permit intense cooling on the floor, which successfully radiates infrared radiation to area when clouds are usually not in the way in which.  Such intense radiative cooling brings the moist layer close to the floor right down to the dew level, and condensation occurs–producing the dense fog.
The newest seen satellite tv for pc picture exhibits the story from area, with the fog evident at decrease elevations, however clear skies above just a few hundred ft.
1606671140 21 When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day
The solar is weak this time of the yr, however this shallow fog will dissipate this morning.
But there may be extra.  You need heat temperatures right now?   Say higher 50s in shiny sunshine?
You can have it.  And I plan to get pleasure from it, by the way in which.
Near the floor, strain is greater over jap Washington, with decrease strain west of the Cascade crest (see picture for four PM)1606671141 764 When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day
That will produce easterly (from the east) winds over the Cascades, and notably in decrease gaps and passes.   The identical will probably be true on our coastal mountains.   As the air sinks on the western slopes of those limitations it’ll heat by compression, because the air strikes from decrease strain aloft to greater strain close to the floor.    Just like your bicycle pump.
And due to this compression warming, there will probably be a band of hotter temperatures alongside the mountain slopes.  This options is clearly seen within the  forecast floor air temperatures at 1 PM right now (see beneath).
When Dense Fog is a Sign of A Sunny Day
So you need heat?  Perhaps get pleasure from 60F in shiny solar?  You know the place to go.  A hike within the Issaquah Alps–like Tiger Mountain–will provide the heat.  As will any hike or park above 1000 ft  on the western slopes of the Cascades ought to do the trick.
Time to seek out my sunscreen.
And by the way in which…..after some rain tonight, we count on a very dry week forward.

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