Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri-Launch Invitation

You are digital purple carpet invited

to affix us in a trinity crypto innovation trinity launch tomorrow.


The occasion occurs this Saturday 20th of June on the Summer Solstice in Crypto Voxels.

Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri Launch Invitation

13:30 PST 16:30EST 15:30 CST 20:30 UTC 21:30 GMT 22:30 CET

1592614919 433 Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri Launch Invitation
Watch a quick promo video in regards to the occasion by means of right here

Visit the unbelievable CryptoVoxels digital artwork gallery, constructed as a digital historical proportion holding innovative tech pyramid. It is full of life-altering secrets and techniques, innovative treasure, and mind-gasm artwork. It’s a crypto gamified dwelling and ever-evolving artwork gallery with sight, sound, and knowledge.

1592614919 264 Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri Launch Invitation

My deepest respect for all these on this schedule. 

  • Introduction by Matthew from Cent
  • Ogar, the pyramid builder
  • The collaboration with DAO data and the artwork & music combo NFT with the piece with phrases from Vandal & Unknown Mizery & VESA)
  • QR code gamification and social token.
  • Vandal performs music for 30 minutes.
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The $VESA tokens are for the levitating spherical desk knights, mystic muse crypto queens, and bohemian dimension shifting spirit troopers. The holders of the round flame will have the ability to declare

  • NFT artwork
  • Physical artwork presents
  • 1/1 Coaching periods
  • Exclusive content material
  • occasion offers – each digital and by foot
  • More, as we creatively wing this

It is for individuals who bear in mind their supply code, or are on their means there, and aren’t afraid to point out it!

For your first dose of that, we’d like your ETH handle and your consent:

Just click on by means of right here

Thanks to Whale Shark Pro for donating the land to construct this on.

1592614919 85 Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri Launch Invitation

1592614919 24 Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri Launch Invitation

Another method to expertise one thing innovative ‘in-world’ and out is Anonymous Nobody’s Voxel Boards. The huge promoting boards now all present the pyramid promo inside the sport. You can entry it by downloading the Artvive app

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See you on the pyramid,

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